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You are currently on One Piece 849 manga. This manga chapter is entitled Warning! Discuss One Piece Chapter 849 with people having the same interest and exchange opinions about one piece 849 predictions, release date, scanlations, image scans and upcoming events. Sanji's in love with pudding! Pudding's doubts! Pedro is dynamite! Pedro vs tamago incoming! Brook's new soul king technique, brook vs smoothie incoming! Pudding's goodbye to luffy & nami! This is my prediction. Pudding will defy mama at the tea party and mama will go berzerk and kill her. In front of everyone, including germa 66. Germa won't seem to care, though, and insist that mama take sanji anyway to cement their agreement. Sanji and the strawhats will watch pudding try to put up a fight with mama, but be mercilessly killed, and then the tea party will continue- mama will open the box blowing most of germa 66 to smithereens, leaving only reiju to run things. Sanji goes back to the straw hats, now feeling all blue (get it?) about his wife. He will become melancholy and nami will show some vulnerability to him, but to no avail. He will decide that chasing women hurts him too much when he loses them, and would rather, instead, go back to his dream of finding the all blue because a silly dream is much better than a soul crushing one.

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Manga York is your best place to read free and fresh one piece 849 manga, Be sure to check this page again to see the anticipated One Piece 849 release. The face luffy and nami made after she whispered to them couldnt have meant she was running away. Im sure they wouldn't have reacted like that if it was the case. She was probably thinking if suicide. She also mentioned she believes shes the cause of sanjis grief so it would make sense. Pudding was planning on killing herself. The walking into the rain and the flashbacks all seemed like someone who had given up or planed on taking their own life because they felt it was the only way to help someone they love (sanji) or be free themselves. She will try to commit suicide by drinking poison like romeo and juliette but reiju will save her by sucking up all the poison, oda didnt let us know about her ability for nothing.

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They now know how big mom thinks of lola and what she intended to do with her, they are worried about pudding suffering the same fate. I am also thinking will try to commit suicide. That reaction by luffy and nami is too grave. If she just wanted to run away I don't think they would have reacted like that. Besides with the state of emergency having been invoked on the island I don't think it's possible to escape the island. And here we are again with this 'whisper' props. Wth is pudding planning, she's already on the verge of breaking and yet she's trying her best to symphatized with luffy and nami. What a very compassionate girl. I can only hope she is planning to put poison in the wedding cake that bigmom is salivating about.

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