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You are currently on One Piece 853 manga. This manga chapter is entitled Luffy Vs Bigmom! Discuss One Piece Chapter 853 with people having the same interest and exchange opinions about one piece 853 predictions, release date, scanlations, image scans and upcoming events. My theory will explain the reasoning behind why I think the vinsmokes and the strawhats will team up in the upcoming chapters. From the latest chapters we know that the vinsmoke-big mom alliance is all a façade, big mom intends to have them all killed at the wedding. After all what she truly desires, germa’s technology, is parked at the dock of wci. The vinsmokes are blissfully unaware of what big mom has in store for them and they are in threat of being wiped out. On the other hand, the strawhats are in a similar kind of position their goals are to retrieve sanji and obtain the red poneglyph both of which can only really be obtained through big mom’s defeat. They are also in danger, sanji will be killed along with his biological family at the wedding and despite big mom’s claim that she will let the strawhats go it would be naïve to believe that especially after we find out her plans to kill the vinsmokes. If luffy goes up against big mom then he will need allies other than his crew to occupy big mom’s crew which includes two yonkou commander opponents. I believe jinbe is capable of beating a yonkou commander which would leave her last commander. Perhaps sanji is a possibility if he were to get a power-up of some kind. This leaves the rest of big mom’s underlings the likes that we see in the enraged army. There are simply too many enemies for the strawhats, this is where the vinsmokes would come in. It’s a common view that sanji will fight his family for treating him so badly however, I think not only would this be impractical I.E. Starting a family feud on the day that your common enemy intends to have you all killed on, but sanji has not shown any desire to get even with his brothers and father. Even if we the readers would want to see the vinsmokes get their asses handed to them by sanji – it is not what sanji really desires. Of course, sanji hates his family, he runs away from them when he is younger and constantly tells them how much he dislikes them, but if we analyse sanji’s behaviour in his fight with his father we see that sanji does not care for vengeance. He is presented with an almost perfect opportunity to get revenge on his father – he is the one who is solely responsible for sanji’s bad childhood, his meddling with his brothers’ genetics causes them to be born without empathy and judge’s emphasis on developing physical strength causes his brothers to turn on him. Sanji’s actions in his fight with his father do not represent the actions of a man who desires revenge. First of all the his father is the one who starts the fight. If sanji desired revenge you’d think he would be anxious to start the fight. He’s not even proud of his strength ‘turns out I happened to be stronger’. He is very passive aggressive towards his father and his family but not very physically aggressive only attacking them if provoked. The overall point is that sanji doesn’t hate them enough to want them to die or get hurt. Chopper and carrot are navigating the mirror world and will find sanji. Luffy and nami have just been freed by jinbe and will likely get briefed about sanji’s situation. It is likely they will all meet up and decide what to do. They can’t just leave the island because of the explosive wrists and in leaving the island sanji is dooming the vinsmokes to their death. Even if he does hate them sanji is too moral of a character to leave them to their fate ultimately I think they will decide to fight big mom, when its clear that big mom intends to kill them the vinsmokes will join them in their fights.

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Manga York is your best place to read free and fresh one piece 853 manga, We have yet to really see jinbe in a serious fight but look at how easily he one shots that opera guy, he's a tier above the rest of big mom's crew its the logical conclusion for jinbe to fight a commander since there is nobody else that seems strong enough to fight jinbe in big mom's crew especially if luffy is going to fight big mom. This is One Piece manga 853 chapter scans online. One Piece chapter 853 can be read on this page and will be updated as soon as they are released.

The yonkou commander tier or whatever is quite a broad spectrum imo since snack was beaten by urogue who was consequently beaten by cracker then by theory of transivity you'd expect cracker to be stronger than snack. The ranking probably goes something like this:
1. Big mom
2. Smoothie (since higher bounty than cracker indicates higher fighting ability)
3. Cracker*
n fact cracker being weaker than smoothie based on bounty is highly debatable since his wanted poster is of him in his biscuit armour which is his plan a. His plan b of spamming biscuit soldiers makes him stronger. So does his bounty reflect his true fighting ability?
The last commander is a wild card he could be the strongest or the weakest we have no idea - I'm leaning towards him/her being towards the weaker end that way sanji could fight him.
If luffy takes big mom then it has to be jinbe to take smoothie I don't foresee anyone else being strong enough.
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